12-20 July 2017
Asia/Seoul timezone
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BEXCO - Room F(201/202/203/204)

[GA112] Fermipy: An open-source Python package for analysis of Fermi-LAT Data


  • Matthew WOOD

Primary authors



Fermipy is an open-source python framework that facilitates analysis of data collected by the Fermi Large Area Telescope (LAT). Fermipy is built on the Fermi Science Tools, the publicly available software suite provided by NASA for the LAT mission. Fermipy provides a high-level interface for analyzing LAT data in a simple and reproducible way. The current feature set includes methods for extracting spectral energy distributions and lightcurves, generating test statistic maps, finding new source candidates, and fitting source position and extension. Fermipy leverages functionality from other scientific python packages including NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, and Astropy and is organized as a community-developed package following an open-source development model. We review the current functionality of Fermipy and plans for future development.