12-20 July 2017
Asia/Seoul timezone
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BEXCO - Room F(201/202/203/204)

[CRD014] Has AMS-02 observed anomalous cosmic rays?


  • Behrouz KHIALI

Primary authors



A precise measurement of proton and helium fluxes by AMS-02 experiment exhibit a remarkable hardening at energies above 100 GeV/nucleon. These data challenge the current theoretical models of CR acceleration in Galactic sources and propagation in the Galaxy. A transition between different CR diffusion regimes would be a relevant interpretation for the observed break of the spectra in light of recent advances in CR diffusion theories in turbulent astrophysical sources. This transition may be a result of different regimes of shock acceleration. In this work we applied this fact, that transition from normal diffusive shock acceleration to super-diffusive shock acceleration changes the efficiency of acceleration and cause the change in the power-law indices of CR spectra. We reconstruct the observed spectra and show that this model is consistent very well with pioneering recent AMS-02 data. We will also discuss if our model can be applied to heavier nuclei in primary CRs.