12-20 July 2017
Asia/Seoul timezone
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BEXCO - Room F(201/202/203/204)

[DM005] Prospection of cosmic-ray electron observation with the LHAASO-KM2A array


  • BaoSheng GAO

Primary authors



With short lifetime, cosmic-ray electrons with energies above GeV are a unique probe of our local Galactic neighborhood. Cosmic-ray electrons observed around Earth general originate from the secondary of cosmic ray when propagating within the Galactic interstellar medium. Recently, an unexpected feature in their spectrum at a few hundred GeV are measured by several experiments, i.g., ATIC, Fermi, AMS-02, HESS, MAGIC, VERITAS. Different models have been raised to interpret such a feature, including nearby pulsar, nearby dark matter annihilation/decay, new cosmic ray propagation expectation, and so on. Even the cosmic-ray electron spectrum has been measured up to 5 TeV, it is still difficult to discriminate different models. New measurements at higher energy are needed, since different models predict different behaviors. In this work, we present the prospection of cosmic-ray electron observation with the 1 km^2 EAS array, i.e. KM2A, of LHAASO. With large area muon detector, the background inhibiting ability of KM2A reaches up to a factor of 1.e5. Therefore, KM2A give it a potential advantage in the detection of >10 TeV cosmic ray electrons, which can test most of the current models.