12-20 July 2017
Asia/Seoul timezone
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BEXCO - Room F(201/202/203/204)

[CRI023] The application of SiPMs in the fluorescence telescope FAMOUS and the Aachen Muon Detector


  • Julian KEMP

Primary authors



After huge advancements in SiPM technology made in the last years, they are perfect sensors for light detection in astroparticle physics experiments. They are very robust devices and have an equal or higher photon detection efficiency than conventional photomultiplier tubes (PMTs). In addition, SiPMs can be precisely calibrated exploiting their single photon resolution. We study their performance in various applications. FAMOUS (First Auger Multi-pixel photon counter camera for the Observation of Ultra-high-energy air Showers) is a fluorescence telescope with a 64-pixel camera made of SiPMs. It is a small sized telescope using a Fresnel lens as the focusing element. The Aachen Muon Detector (AMD) is a scintillator detector designed to improve current experiments through a precise determination of the muon content in air-showers. The light produced in scintillating tiles is collected by wavelength-shifting fibers. Through clear fibers the light is guided on one SiPM per tile.