12-20 July 2017
Asia/Seoul timezone
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BEXCO - Room F(201/202/203/204)

[CRI292] The Water Cherenkov Detector Array of the LAGO project in Huancayo - Peru



Primary authors

  • Luis OTINIANO (Comision Nacional de Investigación y Desarrollo Aeroespacial del Peru (CONIDA))



One importan goal of the High Energy program of the LAGO project is to detect the high energy component of cosmic rays due to Gama Ray Bursts. Therefore, high altitude sites (over 4500 m.a.s.l) are chosen for installation of some detectors. The altitude allows the improvement of the sensitivity of the detectors otherwise reduced due to the strong absorption of extensive air showers initiated by gamma rays in the atmosphere. In Peru, near the city of Huancayo (12◦2,7′S 75 ◦20.4′ W), an array of three wa-ter Cherenkov detectors for the LAGO project is under construction. Here we describe the chosen location for this purpose and the detector development. Then, we show the development of a semi-analytical method for fast calibration and its comparison to CORSIKA/Geant4 simulations.