12-20 July 2017
Asia/Seoul timezone
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BEXCO - Room F(201/202/203/204)

[CRI099] The EUSO@Turlab Project: Results from Phase II


  • Gregorio SUINO

Primary authors



The TurLab facility is a laboratory, equipped with a 5 m diameter and 1 m depth rotating tank, located in the Physics Department of the University of Turin. In the past few years the TurLab facility has been used to perform experiments related to the observation of Extreme Energy Cosmic Rays from space using the fluorescence technique, as in the case of the JEM-EUSO mission, where the diffuse night brightness and artificial light sources can vary significantly in time and space inside the Field of View of the telescope. The description of the EUSO@TurLab project and its first results have been presented in the past. During the last two years many upgrades have been performed on the instrumentation mainly related to the read-out electronics: Spaciroc1 (employed in EUSO-Balloon and EUSO-TA prototypes) and Spaciroc3 (EUSO-SPB and Mini-EUSO) which allowed to test a fully equipped Elementary Cell of JEM-EUSO. This phase has been named Phase II. Moreover, the Focal Surface of EUSO-Balloon has been tested at TurLab after the Canada flight. Finally, tests related to the possibility to employ a EUSO-like detector for other type of applications such as wave monitoring and imaging detector have been pursued. The tests and results obtained in EUSO@TurLab Project - Phase II, on these different aspects, will be presented.