12-20 July 2017
Asia/Seoul timezone
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BEXCO - Room F(201/202/203/204)

[NU140] Etna muon tomography while building an ideal tau neutrino telescope


  • Daniele FARGION

Primary authors



Tau neutrino Astronomy appear to most authors the best roadmap to any neutrino astronomy. Indeed the recent decades of underground neutrino detectors, as Super Kamiokande and ICECUBE, have been up to now polluted by cosmic secondaries, mostly muons, of atmospheric nature. Indeed since the 2013 ICECUBE report of a sudden flavor change from a muon ruled one at TeV to a cascade signal at tens TeV have been considered the new windows to neutrino astronomy. However a later and recent detailed analysis has shown no GRB signals nor AGN flaring correlations, nor any expected galactic or known sourse signature. Even the sharp crossing muons (trough going tracks) within fourty events has been yet unable to reveal the smoking gun of highest energy (above two hundred TeV) neutrinos. We propose here for the first time a hybrid array detector around the Etna vulcano above 1000-2000 m. altitude, in Italy, Sicily, to perform in two different ways: 1)to trace in real time the inner vulcan interior activity, by the downward horizontal TeVs muons across the mountain, 2) to record and calibrate inclined far hadronic shower (up 70 degrees), very inclined muon bundles (between 70-91 degrees) coming from the opposite side of the Etna: among them we foresee a rare upgoing shower (92-120 degrees) originated by UHE (Ultra High Energy) tau neutrino (PeVs-EeVs) inside the Earth whose tau secondary exit in air and decay in flight, These PeVs-EeVs energetic neutrinos must be observed within a couple of years at flux comparable or wellbelow to ICECUBE one. The array is made by a thousands of independent scintillator or Resistive Plate Counters), located in minihouses of a few square meter size each at a distance of nearly fifty meter along the Etna spiral road of tens km along the vulcano top edges allowed area.