12-20 July 2017
Asia/Seoul timezone
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[DM048] Cosmic ray antiprotons in light of precision measurements


  • Vivian POULIN

Primary authors



Although the existence of Dark Matter (DM) is by now well-established thanks to a variety of observations on many different scales, its nature is still unknown. In the context of DM indirect detection, the study of antiprotons propagating in our galaxy has nowadays become a fundamental tool for solving this mystery. Indeed, in the concordance model of astroparticle physics, antiprotons are believed to be purely secondary particles. Hence, the presence of a primary component within the total flux is often considered as a smoking gun of DM annihilations or decays. However, disentangling primary and secondary component requires inputs from theory (e.g. propagation modelling, cross-section extrapolation at high energies) and experiments (e.g. primary and secondary fluxes, cross-section data at low energy) which still nowadays suffer large-uncertainties. In the last years, the AMS-02 collaboration has released the most precise measurements of the antiprotons flux as well as protons and helium fluxes, key ingredients for the prediction of secondary antiprotons. In addition, AMS-02 has released last year the most accurate measurement of the B/C ratio, crucial data needed to understand the propagation of Galactic cosmic rays and predict their flux at the Earth. This measurement enables then to reduce one of the most important uncertainty for the antiproton flux prediction. It is therefore most timely to re-analyze the data in light of those measurements. In this talk, I will first present the result of semi-analytical studies of the propagation of cosmic rays including all relevant effects applied to antiprotons, thus deriving new benchmark constraints on the DM mass and annihilation / decay rates. Moreover, in the recent literature, possible detection of the annihilations of a thermal relic DM in the ~100 GeV mass range have been claimed. This very intriguing possibility will be extensively discussed.