12-20 July 2017
Asia/Seoul timezone
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BEXCO - Room D(109/110)

[NU139] No Tau? No Neutrino Astronomy.


  • Daniele FARGION

Primary authors



Since 2013 ICECUBE cascade showers sudden overabundance have shown a fast flavor change above 30-60 TeV up to PeV energy. This flavor change from dominat muon tracks at TeVs to shower events at higher energies, has been indebted to a new injection of a neutrino astronomy. However the recent published 54 neutrino HESE, high energy starting events, as well as the 38 external muon tracks made by trough going muon formed around the ICECUBE, none of them are pointing to any expected X-gamma or radio sources: no one in connection to GRB, no toward active BL Lac, neither to AGN source in Fermi catalog. No clear correlation with nearby mass distribution (Local Group), nor to galactic plane. Moreover there have not been any record (among a dozen of 200 TeV energetic events) of the expected double bang due to the tau neutrino birth and decay. An amazing and surprising unfair distribution in flavor versus expected democratic one. Finally there is not a complete consistence of the internal HESE event spectra and the external crossing muon track ones. Moreover the apparent sudden astrophysical neutrino flux rise at 60 TeV might be probably also suddenly cut at a few PeV in order to hide the (unobserved , yet) Glashow resonace peak at 6.3 PeV. A more mondane prompt charmed atmospheric neutrino component may explain most of the ICECUBE puzzles. If this near future, 2017-2018, it does not shine tau neutrino signals somewhere (by tau airshowers in AUGER,TA,ASHRA or double bang in ICECUBE) there are a list of consequences to face. These missing correlations and in particular the tau signature absence force us to claim: No Tau? No neutrino Astronomy.