12-20 July 2017
Asia/Seoul timezone
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[GA017] The Gamma-ray Sky Above 10 GeV (the 3FHL Catalog)


  • Alberto DOMINGUEZ

Primary authors



We will report on the Third Catalog of Hard Fermi-LAT Sources (3FHL) built from data taken with the Fermi Large Area Telescope (LAT). This catalog describes the gamma-ray sky at energies above 10 GeV relying on the first 7 years of LAT data using the Pass 8 event-level analysis. The 3FHL contains 1556 sources characterized in the 10 GeV--2 TeV energy range. The sensitivity and angular resolution are improved by factors of 3 and 2 relative to the previous LAT catalog at the same energies (1FHL). The vast majority of detected sources (79%) are extragalactic, including 16 sources located at very high redshift (z>2). Nine percent of the sources are Galactic and 12% are unassociated (or associated with a source of unknown nature). The catalog includes 214 new gamma-ray sources. The substantial increase in the number of photons (more than 4 times relative to the 1FHL and 10 times to the 2FHL) also allows us to characterize spectral curvature for 32 sources and flux variability for 163 of them. The 3FHL provides an excellent opportunity to relate observations from space and those that will be accessible in the near future from the ground with the Cherenkov Telescope Array.