12-20 July 2017
Asia/Seoul timezone
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BEXCO - Room E(106/107)

[GA290] An excess of extreme TeV blazars from the Fermi LAT distribution on the voidiness parameter



Primary authors



Recently it was observed (A. Furniss et al., MNRAS, 446, 2267 (2015)) that Fermi LAT blazars with relatively hard (gamma<3) observed spectra above 10 GeV are predominantly located towards the directions to the large scale structure voids and, moreover, the observed flux of >10 GeV gamma-rays is usually greater for the case of such directions. This effect may be interpreted in the framework of the “electromagnetic cascade model” (T.A. Dzhatdoev et al., astro-ph/1609.01013 (accepted by A&A)). Namely, the secondary (cascade) component significantly enhances the observable flux in the 10-500 GeV energy region, rendering the sources brighter in this energy range. The model predicts the existence of a new population of hard-spectra blazars with very hard spectra in the 10-1000 GeV energy region that could be discovered in future by the CTA observatory. Finally, we briefly discuss the implications of this study for multimessenger astronomy. T.D. acknowledges the support of the Students and Researchers Exchange Program in Sciences.