12-20 July 2017
Asia/Seoul timezone
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BEXCO - Room E(106/107)

[GA187] VERITAS observations of the Cygnus Region


  • Ralph BIRD

Primary authors


The Cygnus region of the galaxy is one of the richest regions of gas and star formation and is the brightest region of diffuse GeV emission in the northern sky. VERITAS has conducted deep (approximately 300 hours of live time) observations in the direction of Cygnus region reaching an average sensitivity of a few percent of the Crab nebula flux. We present the results of these observations and an analysis of over seven years of Fermi-LAT data above 1 GeV. In addition to a search for new sources in the region, we present updated spectra and morphologies of the known TeV gamma-ray sources and study of their relationship with the GeV emission from the region. These results are discussed in their multiwavelength context including the recently published HAWC observatory gamma ray catalog. Comparisons are also made with other TeV surveys.