12-20 July 2017
Asia/Seoul timezone
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BEXCO - Room E(106/107)

[GA159] High-energy gamma-ray studying with GAMMA-400


  • Nikolay TOPCHIEV

Primary authors



Extraterrestrial gamma-ray astronomy is now a source of new knowledge in the fields of cosmophysics, astrophysics, cosmic-ray physics, and the nature of dark matter. The next absolutely necessary step in the development of extraterrestrial high-energy gamma-ray astronomy is the improvement of the physical and technical characteristics of gamma-ray telescopes in order to improve the angular and energy resolutions. Such a new generation telescope is GAMMA-400. GAMMA-400, currently developing gamma-ray telescope, will observe in the energy range from ~20 MeV to ~1000 GeV some regions of the Universe (such as Galactic Center, Fermi Bubbles, Crab, Cygnus, etc.) in the highly elliptic orbit continuously for a long time with the unprecedented angular (~0.01° at Eγ = 100 GeV) and energy (~1% at Eγ = 100 GeV) resolutions better than the Fermi-LAT, as well as ground gamma-ray telescopes, by a factor of 5-10. GAMMA-400 will permit to resolve gamma rays from dark matter particles, identify many discrete sources (many of which are variable), to clarify the structure of extended sources, to specify the data on the diffuse emission.