12-20 July 2017
Asia/Seoul timezone
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BEXCO - Room B(103/104/105)

[CRI014] Mass composition of cosmic rays with energy above 10^17eV according to the data of surface detectors of Yakutsk EAS array


  • Artem SABOUROV

Primary authors



In this paper we present our estimation of the cosmic rays mass composition at energies over 10^17 eV. It was obtained from the analysis of the lateral distribution of cascade particles in extensive air showers registered at the Yakutsk EAS array over the course of continuous observations from 1974 to 2017. Experimental values were compared to simulation results obtained within the framework of four hadron interaction models. The result of this comparison shows that over the energy range (1-20)*10^17 eV cosmic rays mass composition changes from nuclei with mean ln A ~ 2.5 to protons.