12-20 July 2017
Asia/Seoul timezone
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BEXCO - Room A(101/102)

[CRI042] Expectation on Observation of Cosmic Rays Energy Spectrum from 100TeV to 100PeV with LHAASO


  • Lingling MA

Primary authors



Measurement of individual cosmic rays species in a broad energy range from 50TeV to sub-EeV is one of main goals of LHAASO experiment. In order to cover the broad energyrange, the observations are divided into three stages, which are from 50 TeV to 10 PeV, from 10PeV to 100 PeV, from 100 PeV to EeV. In this paper, we present a preliminary investigation on the capability of particle identification, energy resolution and effective aperture in the second stage by using 1 square kilometer detector array LHAASO-KM2A and 18 wide field Cherenkov telescopes LHAASO-WFCTA.