12-20 July 2017
Asia/Seoul timezone
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BEXCO - Room B(103/104/105)

[CRI116] Main features of cosmic ray induced air showers measured by the CODALEMA experiment


  • Lilian MARTIN

Primary authors

  • Lilian MARTIN (Subatech, Nantes, and Unité Scientifique de Nançay)



The radio signals produced by extensive air showers initiated in the atmosphere by high energy cosmic rays are routinely observed and registered by the various instruments of the CODALEMA experiment located at the Nançay radio observatory and notably the large array of self-triggering stations equipped with wide band and dual polarisation antennas. Precise comparisons between observed radio signals and simulations performed with the SELFAS code allow most of the main features of the primary cosmic ray to be determined : arrival direction, energy and Xmax estimates from which a the composition in the energy range covered by CODALEMA may be derived. After a presentation of the analysis methods, its sensitivity will be discussed and the results obtained over a significant set of experimental events will be detailed.