12-20 July 2017
Asia/Seoul timezone
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BEXCO - Room A(101/102)

[CRI167] Testing the agreement between the Xmax distributions measured by the Pierre Auger and Telescope Array Observatories


  • Vitor DE SOUZA

Primary authors


The Auger-TA composition working group will report on a comparison of Xmax distributions measured by the Pierre Auger and Telescope Array Observatories. We will evaluate whether the shapes of the Auger and TA Xmax distributions are statistically compatible and whether the distribution modes are within the quoted systematic uncertainties. A direct comparison of the measured Xmax distributions is not correct due to different detector acceptances and resolutions as well as different analysis techniques. In this contribution, we will explain a method developed by us to allow a correct comparison of the Xmax distributions. The Auger mix of elements was simulated and reconstructed using the official TA software chain. This procedure simulates an energy-dependent composition mixture, which represents a good fit to Auger Xmax distributions, exposed through the detector acceptance and resolution of the TA experiment. Two recent hadronic interaction models, QGSJet II-04 and EPOS-LHC, were used to fit the Auger distributions. We will show in this contribution the comparison of two sets of Xmax distributions. One set is the distributions from the Telescope Array Observatory (Xmax^{TA}) . The other set is the Xmax distributions obtained after simulating and reconstructing the Auger four-component composition model with the TA analysis chain (Xmax^{TA-Sim}_{Auger-Mix}). The comparison of Xmax^{TA} and Xmax^{TA-Sim}_{Auger-Mix} to be presented in this contribution will allow us to set at a very fundamental level the degree of agreement between the Xmax distributions measured by the Auger and TA Observatories.