12-20 July 2017
Asia/Seoul timezone
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BEXCO - Room B(103/104/105)

[CRI149] Analytic description of the radio emission of air showers based on its emission mechanisms


  • Christian GLASER

Primary authors



The spatial signal distribution of the radio frequency radiation from extensive air showers on the ground contains information of crucial cosmic-ray properties, such as energy and mass. A long standing challenge to access this information experimentally with a sparse grid of antennas is an analytic modeling of the radio signal distribution, which will be addressed in this contribution. We present an analytic model based on the two physical processes generating radio emission in air showers: the geomagnetic and the charge-excess emission. Our study is based on full Monte Carlo simulations with the CoREAS code. Besides the increase in the theoretical understanding of radio emission, our model describes the radio signal distribution with unprecedented precision. Our model explicitly includes polarization information, which basically doubles the information that is used from a single radio station. Hence, more precise information can be gained with even a smaller antenna multiplicity. Furthermore, exploiting our model will increase the accuracy of an independent determination of the cosmic-ray energy scale with the radio technique. We will present our model and discuss the dependence on the air-shower parameters.