12-20 July 2017
Asia/Seoul timezone
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BEXCO - Room B(103/104/105)

[CRI064] Calibration and monitoring of LHAASO-KM2A muon detectors with muon decay events


  • Xiong ZUO

Primary authors

  • Xiong ZUO (Institute of high energy physics, Chinese academy of sciences, China)



LHAASO (Large High Altitude Air Shower Observatory) will be constructed at 4400 m asl in Daocheng, Sichuan province, aiming to discover sources of UHE (ultra-high energy) cosmic ray and study of cosmic ray physics. The whole array includes 1171 muon detectors (MDs, about 40000 Square meters), which would be the largest muon detector array in the world. The special high altitude and wild field environment requires that the calibration and monitoring methods of MDs should be simple and stable. In this paper, the muon decay events will be selected in order to calibrate the charge and monitor the water level of each MD. The simulation and experiment results reveal that the charge of the decay electron is about 0.147 times that of the VEM (vertical equivalent muon), and the muon/electron ratio has a direct relation with the water level.