12-20 July 2017
Asia/Seoul timezone
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BEXCO - Room B(103/104/105)

[CRI302] No muon excess in EAS at 100 PeV: results of EAS-MSU experiment


  • Mikhail KUZNETSOV

Primary authors



Some discrepancies have been reported between observed and simulated muon content of extensive air showers: the number of observed muons exceeded the expectations in HiRes-MIA, Yakutsk and Pierre Auger Observatory data. We analyzed the data of the Moscow State University Extensive Air Shower (EAS–MSU) array on > 10 GeV energy muons in showers caused by ∼ 100 PeV primary particles and demonstrate that they agree with simulations (CORSIKA with QGSJET-II-04, QGSJET-I, EPOS and SYBILL hadronic interaction model) once the primary composition inferred from the surface-detector data is assumed.